The most expensive thing on this planet is not to be in God’s will.

The greatest men are those who serve more than others. You are great when you serve.

Church is a body of Christians who unite for a common purpose ­ to be the light of Christ to the world. An old proverb says that „one is not a warrior”. When people in the church are guarding unity and supporting each other they can be more successful, effective, stronger, and more influential. The power of unity is understood by the military, sportsmen, great entrepreneurs, and, of course, mafia. But the author and completer of this concept through His church is God. That’s what Christ prayed for before His death and resurrection ­ the unity of the Church as His Body and team.

The church has been entrusted a large, specific, and very important assignment:

  1. Pastoral care;
  2. Mission, social work;
  3. Principle of discipleship.

Church work exists and grows because of people who voluntarily dedicate their time, skills, and knowledge to serve in different church ministry teams. These teams are lead by leaders who have fully devoted their lives to God and who are humble, pure, unity­guarding, and who take responsibility for execution and growth of the work of their department. Their teams draw fiery and committed to Christ fellow­workers who make all services, conferences, celebrations, wide missions work and social work possible. All these ministries can be divided into 5 groups:

  1. Pastoral ministry -­ it includes all five ministry gifts: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. That means church founding and development in different cities, Bible schools, home groups, prayer groups, new believers’ courses, and training of ministry leaders, praise and worship, training and leading of children’s work, youth, and others groups, etc.
  2. Creative ministry ­- drama, dance, music, TV and audio, sound, light, etc. that participate in organization of church celebrations, concerts, conferences, and mission work.
  3. Helps ministries ­- they take care of everything necessary so that services and others even could take place (ushers, security, café, book table, technicians, etc.).
  4. Mission ­- work of evangelism, different projects, and social work.
  5. Fellow­workers ­ – helpers, organizers, voluntary ministers, different specialists who either come to help in some regular ministry or get involved in specific projects. Who is a fellow­worker, helper, or voluntary minister? He who wants to help. Ministers or fellow­workers are those who help the pastor and the church by serving in both spiritual and practical needs.

Each church member should be in some ministry. Everyone should take and carry some responsibility and duty. A minister is not implementing his own projects but he is helping to fulfill the vision God has given to the church. Things that are most important to a professional minister are not popularity, education, or status in society but the attitude of his heart, faithfulness is small things, the ability to go through hardships and the time he or she spends in the presence of Jesus. A fellow­worker can be a true helper or a constant obstacle. Sometimes pastors can get tired or make mistakes by making wrong decisions and then many want to throw stones at them by controlling and emphasizing their superiority. But Aaron and Hur helped Moses stay on the mountain and kept his hands up high because a minister is a person who is called to help.

Ministers are heroes and the characteristics of a Biblical hero are: A minister has devoted all his life to God. He loves God and people; He is pursuing God’s kingdom (Mt 6:33); He is valuing others above himself and taking care of others more than of himself (Mt 20:26­28); His motivation for ministry is not to be noticed because then he has already received his salary (Mt 25:21); A minister respects his leaders and guards unity; He is bold, fearless and ready to fight till the end; He does the work entrusted to him with joy and guards himself as to always be full of faith and peace.

If you want to serve in church you can check out opportunities to serve and join our Dream Team HERE.