The senior pastors of the Christian church „Prieka Vests” are Vilnis and Liga Gleske.

Both of them have been raised in Christian families and have received the call of God already in teenage years. Both have strong characters and loving hearts. They have studied in Sweden and received higher education in Latvia.

Both of them are pastors for the first time therefore they are asking to forgive them if anyone has suffered from their imperfect ministry. They are forgiving themselves, too, and as years pass they are increasingly amazed at how God has chosen, blessed, and used them. They are happy.

They are happy because they have so beautiful, smart, and anointed grown­up children ­ two sons and a daughter, and they have eternal, forgiving love for each other, fully admitting that without God’s help with their characters they would have been divorced long time ago. But now they have been married for more than 20 years and it seems like they have met only yesterday.

They are happy because they have such a fantastic church! They are surrounded by strong, loving, faithful, and willing people. It is such a gifted, united, and creative team!

They are happy because they love the country they are born in, they love the people they belong to, and they love the work they have been entrusted.

Sometimes when the storms have passed and some tests and difficulties have been overcome they feel like they are already in heaven! But then they clearly realize they are still on the earth because together with all the Christians they are looking forward to the revival in Latvia, the Baltic countries, and Europe!


Vilnis Gleske

Vilnis is a pastor with a prophetic anointing, powerful and humorous preaching, theological education, faith, courage, love for God and people, and a heart for fellow ministers.

God came in his life early in his childhood. He studied medicine but in 1991 he received God’s call to full­time ministry and he fully devoted his life to Christ.

“I am a father of three fantastic children, husband to his dear wife. A combination of a humor and fun loving sanguine person with a demanding, working and persisting choleric person who sometimes feels insecure and powerless as Daniel thrown into the lion’s den, yet at other times as a lion itself when he has to go where God commands to go and do what He wants,” pastor Vilnis says about himself.


Liga Gleske

God called Liga to ministry when she was 15, after she had had a very strong experience of salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. From a young girl whose only dream was to love and serve God Liga has become a mother of three lovely and anointed children, an active helper to her husband, a pastor of a large church and an excellent preacher of the Word with a prophetic ministry.