Church “Prieka Vests” is a large and friendly family where people with various backgrounds, religious experiences, and different characters are united by the love of Christ, shared future, and desire to live a true Christian life.

Church “Prieka Vests” can be categorized as a „protestant” church influenced by Reformation. Its services are attended by people from all denominations who believe that there is only one Living God and one Word of God ­ the Bible. As for the teaching, the church is leaning on the inerrant and absolute authority of the word of God, the Bible, and fully accepts all universally recognized truths and values of the Christian faith. Dogmatically the foundation of our faith is invariably traditional and shared with brothers in traditional denominations. The church does not stress its denominational affiliation and, leaving aside the insignificant differences, puts its emphasis on the shared, precious, and unchangeable foundations which unites all Christians and churches.

“Prieka Vests” is a people’s church which has always been close to its nation and taken part in its afflictions. It strives to unite the yesterday’s misfortunate, representatives of intelligence, and today’s fighters for the economic and political prosperity of our nation. People who come to church meetings on regular basis say about the church: “It’s like a family, my second home.”