Welcome to the Christian church “Prieka Vests”!

Do not be afraid of God and people! Do not remain in clichés and stereotypes! Get to know God and the truth of His Word. Let yourself experience it. We have understood our need for God and we have experienced His forgiveness and His peace and joy and because of this the desire has come to live the life God has given us in accordance with His call.

“Jesus came from heaven so that we might have life and abundance of life” (John 10:10).

If you want to know more about our church ­ who we are, what we believe, what we are like and why we are like that, when and how the church began, what we do and we absolutely do not do and what we shall do ­ please, be free to get acquainted with us!

We agree with the saying „there is no place as good as at home” in our church. If you want, we would gladly offer our church to become your spiritual home. The Christian church “Prieka Vests” is a colorful and many­sided church offering many opportunities. Its services are attended by representatives of all denominations who recognize and believe that there is only one Living God and one Word of God ­ the Bible. It is a large and friendly family which unites both experienced Christians with more than 40 years in ministry and new children of God. The love of God unites people with different backgrounds, age groups, and views.

The Christian church “Prieka Vests” which is located in Riga centre offers you weekly participation in contemporary services which are characterized by praise and worship, proclamation of message which is Word­based, simple, and applicable in daily life, as well as prayer and intercession for people. You can find new friends or simply get an idea of Christians who love God, you, themselves, and life in general. We want you to feel free and welcome in our church and after experiencing God’s touch you would desire to remain in the house of God and get involved in His work. We will always be happy for you and try to help you as much as we can.

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