Church “Prieka Vests” is involved in a wide and multifaceted amplitude of Christian activities and quite naturally the church building is also gradually becoming a multifunctional complex. The size of our main building (2500 seats) can be unnoticed to a casual passerby because almost half of the building is located under the ground. Initially this place was designated for building a large research institution with its foundation as a bomb shelter meant for 1700 people. Currently we have turned the foundation into modern, cosy rooms which are illuminated through three light tunnels.


The building has two levels. At the backside of the building there is an extension with auxiliary rooms. The main sanctuary has 2500 seats. It is equipped with a powerful quality sound system, lights, equipment for simultaneous interpretation, two powerful video overheads, and modern musical instruments.

Conference hall for 100 persons, Small hall for 70 persons, Small sports hall, Youth hall for 150 persons, Youth and teen office, 5 activity rooms for children, Café with 170 seats, kitchen and auxiliary rooms.


Baptistery with auxiliary rooms, Guest room, video production room, recording studio, TV studio, CD multiplication room, Six offices, Bookstore + information table, two cloakrooms. Different auxiliary rooms, storage rooms, toilets, lifts, three parking lots. We believe this complex in future will become “The small youth center” and as the revival grows we will build a modern Christian centre seating 15 000 people so that every Latvian, Russian speaking person, and guests would have the opportunity to participate in worship.