Course of the Basic Bible Teachings

Every Sunday 30 minutes after the service. A class lasts for about an hour.

This course is meant for people who want to know the basic teaching of the Bible and to start their walk with God. Classes take place in an open and friendly environment, using the Bible and handouts. During the class it is possible to receive personal assistance, intercession and answers to questions. No preliminary knowledge is required and classes are for free.

Classes are purposefully designed in such a way that it is possible to join them at any Sunday but is preferable to start with the first subject and to go through the whole course during it time ­ apr. 2 months.


Church, Jesus, Salvation, Water baptism, Deliverance, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, Faith, Prayer, Evangelism, Confession, Praise and worship, Healing, Prosperity, Holiness, Ministry.


Lectures are presented by mature church ministers who have experienced God’s love in their own lives and having received the calling to serve are willing now to share their experience and Bible knowledge with others. Person in charge of the course is Olita Karasevska.


Bible school “Prieka Vēsts”

Bible school is a place where God’s Word is taught systematically making the Bible truths that are necessary to every Christian clear, easy to understand, and applicable in daily life.

Bible school was established and it has grown together with the church. It is characterized by God’s love, the spirit of faith and fellowship, simple, anointed Word, and systematic teaching which brings clarity in every aspect of life and changes not only the thinking but the whole man.

Bible school is open to Christians of all denominations. Every year this school is attended by students from all over Latvia. It is important to complete some sort of a course of the basic Bible teachings, as well to receive the support from the family and the pastor.

The purpose of the Bible school is to help you become a strong, fruit­bearing personality who knows how to receive God’s help in personal life and to actively fulfill God’s calling to be a blessing for his/her family and society.