There is something special about men! There is special important role that every man has in saving the world. There is a desire in every man’s heart to be a real man, to be necessary, true, effective, successful. To bring salvation! Real manhood is found in a man’s heart, his essence and it is always a pleasure to meet such a man.

God has given an absolutely faultless and precise personification of the Word. It is the Lord Jesus who came as a man thus showing us a perfect example of what it means to be a real man!

Real manhood is to be like Christ, which is our goal!

The purpose of men’s ministry is to help follow the only One who is worth to be the example of a real man leaving behind yesterday’s concepts, fears, cowardice, sins, and complexes, so that we also might become the men that God intended us to be!


It is exciting to see how God’s work increases and manifests in men’s lives. We need it so much because we are men who want to live worthy. We want to become men who take responsibility, conquer, reach influence, never give up and never give in. We want to be men with strong characters and harmonious lives. Men with soft hearts and hard foreheads. Fearless to stand up for truth. Bold to preach the Gospel everywhere.

It is time for men to stand up and be renewed united in worship, fellowship, spiritual warfare, and radical preaching of the Word. Therefore men’s ministry offers: