Praise and worship are crucial for the Christian church „Prieka Vests”. As pastor put it, they are our heart. Their ministry is needed in any meeting and every event. It is one of the ministries that cannot do without weekly rehearsals and practices. Every Sunday morning, Thursday night, and before all events people from this large and friendly team arrive much earlier than other church members so that would not only receive from God but also be used by God.

Praise and worship group is open to anyone who is able and willing to glorify the Lord. Due to the amount of ministry and its future plans they are crying out to God for composers of different musical styles, lyrics writers, conductors, musicians, singers, arrangers, and new bands. Our pastors have a dream about a symphonic orchestra and chamber orchestra.

„Latvians love music and singing. Our country needs to hear anointed music. God is the best composer. He created music and gave these talents to people. If you see this talent in yourself, please, give at least a tithe of it the Lord in His church!


Great stars sometimes find it hard to cooperate. They want to be the only stars. To be a part of a team you need a servant’s heart. That’s why some people think that it is better to be the first violin in a village than to play in a city orchestra. But if want to accomplish something great we need to come together. God wants to demonstrate His mighty power through anointed and excellent music and gifted talents. That will be like an explosion! The power of this music will just take away our breath. People will receive healing, experience God’s fire and deliverance. But it will not start by an accident when somebody will just blow a pipe. No! The revival will start when excellent musicians will sacrifice and dedicate themselves, learn and give away their time, efforts, and abilities to God’s plans. The fire falls upon the sacrifice! Today is the time to prepare the altar. Do not be surprised if you experience resistance and temptation to trade your birthright for popularity, money, or some other kind of „lentil stew”. Musician, you must be sensing that God is calling you to follow Him by saying: „The hour has come for us to work in duet!” Therefore, let us put aside our „me” and „I” and let us be united to go against „the gates of hell,” says Liga Gleske.


This ministry is like a bunch of flowers where different generations and experiences unite for a common goal. It covers a wide range of music styles – starting from classical music to soul, rock, country, jazz, traditional worship, funk and hip­hop.

The team is comprised of different gifted people – composers, song writers, musicians, singers, etc. Praise and worship group is open are very happy to welcome everyone who decides to add his or her talent to the common work because there is a great need for that.

For some time church musicians have come together in a group „Vestnieciba” (”Embasy”) that primarily works towards evangelism: write songs, design programs, tour around the country. And the musicians love to play the music that encourages and sets on fire Christians themselves to draw near to God both during the church meetings and different celebrations.


An important role in the team is played by vocalists who help the church get involved in praise and worship with their voice, example, fire, and joy. They teach how to enjoy God’s presence in the holy of holies. Many of ministers who have been faithful for many years have become anointed leaders of praise and worship.

During the last Sunday of a month choir comes to help the church in praise and worship, thus bringing joy and a sense of celebration to everyone. Anyone who wants to sing praises to the Lord is welcome in this ministry. Choir singing is an integral part of any celebration event. It adds a certain solemnity and color to the concert program.