People who are over 60 or our “Golden Fund”

Our church is a family where children, youth, adults and the elderly go hand in hand and feel at home. It is such a blessing to see how a grandfather or a grandmother is embracing a child or when a youth likes to spend time with „older ladies”. At such times experience and fervor of youth get intertwined.

It is so nice to strengthen each other, share God’s miracles and testimonies that encourage both younger and older members of the church.
Maybe we cannot run as fast as before, but we definitely can pray, encourage, support and serve! We serve God from all our heart and that’s the secret of our „Golden Fund”.



Every second Thursday at 10am “Golden Fund” meets for fellowship meetings. Every time there is different activity provided. We bring some „snacks” to these events and we have a great time together in our large and cosy cafe.



Every summer we organize a trip for our “Golden Fund” to one of the most beautiful places of Latvia. We also organize small outings, for example, mushroom and berry picking, fishing and walking by the sea.



Church members who are over 60 are especially cared for and appreciated. There are people in our church who visit them, pray for them or show them practical help in their needs. „Golden Fund” members who need some help can fill in an application form at the Information centre or call the church office. We support our church members so that they are not left alone in sickness or other complications. We try to ensure that there is always somebody who can support them both practically and emotionally.