What do I wear?

Come as you are. We care about you — not what you wear.

Is it okay to bring my children into the worship service?

“Prieka Vēsts” is church for families. Like Jesus, we are happy for every children. We have special seets for new mom’s, but for bigger children we have Sunday school.

Is there a parking lot nearby?

Free parking place for 200 cars is provided. There are plenty of parking lots nearby.

How big is “Prieka Vēsts”?

We don’t count all people who come to our church. About 1000 people every sunday attend our services.

Is there translation for english at services? 

We provide english and russian translation for services. Also there are translation for deaf people.

What denomination are you?

“Prieka Vēsts” is a non-denominational church.

Why non-denominational church?

Christian church “Prieka Vests” is a community of Christian people that is grounded in the traditional Christian truths, having revised the insignificant and specific to each denomination rites, have stayed with the significant and meaningful foundation. According to its constitution the church “Prieka Vests” is a democratic church. The reason why we are a free church, unlike hundreds of other churches who are part of a union, denomination or Church, is not because of theological conflicts or differences but due to purely historical circumstances and rapid changes in the society.

How long are the services?

Each service is approximately 2 hours long.

What is a small group? 

A small group is a gathering of three or more people who regulary meet in a home or church. They hang out, study the Word, and pray together.

I have a different question…

Write to [email protected] or call to 67543044 and we will be happy to answer it.